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Josh Jones PhotographerYoung. Full of creativity. Ambitious. These are just some of the words that begin to describe photographer Josh Jones. Born in Los Angelos, CA, raised outside of Washington DC, and taught in Rochester, NY, Josh has been many places throughout his short life. Back in 2004 he was given his first digital camera, and after a few days he couldn't set it down. His beginner camera grew along with his photographic skills as he transformed into a full blown professional. He started shooting portraits, landscapes, and automotive shots in 2005. He shot his first wedding in 2006. After this his business exploded. Dozens of weddings, portraits, and architecture shoots later, Josh remains an innovator, constantly evolving and improving his style. In 2008 he started his blog, Josh's Photo Vortex, as a way to display his latest work, interests, and photo tips.

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2009, he moved to the Greenville, South Carolina area. With his formal training, he continues to offer his services to the entire Upstate, South Carolina region. His other hobbies include, skiing, performance cars, participating in his local church, and spending time with friends and loving family.


Josh Jones PhotographyAbout J. Jones Photography

Our mission is to be the premier source of professional wedding, event, automotive, and portrait photographic services in the Greenville, South Carolina region. Guided by our outlined values we are able to provide high quality services at a price that reflects the increased value over other local photographers.

Our core values reflect what is most important to us as a company.

1. Put clients first. We strive to know and exceed our clients' needs, and we fully accept our responsibility to provide exemplary photographs. We value relationships and communication throughout the entire process.

2. Constant improvement. We work to educate ourselves on the latest equipment, techniques, printing processes, and technologies in order to provide the highest quality photographs possible.

3. Achieve quality results. We value professional excellence and expertise, and we work together with our clients to produce unparalleled results at a price affordable to most consumers.

4. Work with integrity. We speak and act in an honest manner. We believe in being accountable and the effect we have on others.



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